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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Monday, February 21, 2005

I MISSED YOU! MY OLD JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
I really like the font style in here rather than my new one..*sobs*
Ah well,I'll swing by periodically.
Nitey nite La Vita Bella!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Thank you for almost 2 good years of ramblings. *grin*
E-mail or MSN me if you want my new addy.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

She's Gone
Lyrics/Music: Jonathan Koh
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I turn
I can see your face
Each time I burn
Everytime it rains Each time it snows

I can hear your voice
Everywhere I go
And time it heals every pain

That's what they say
And I would give anything T
o have you come back again
She's gone

I didn't know it was so long
If I can have her in my arms
The days will go on and on
She's gone
I didn't know it was so long
If I can have her in my arms
I'll stay here alone
The days will be alone

Bye folks. : )

Melbourne was such a joke.
So were the people.

I found out something today,because I posed a question.And I knew it.I knew it was assumed across the board that I was judgemental about it just because I had a different opinion.Frankly,I don't care.I got nothing to say/contribute because I have never experience it before.So why am I being judge immediately just because of it?Out of defense?
What you want to do in you life,well,its your life.
I can say that I am not surprise anymore at this time and age.
So if respect of the situation is required,how about respecting my decision? n quit making *she is holier than thou*subtle remarks.
And I was quite hurt to hear that the people close to me agreed abt. that I was Judgemental.
Thanks alot.
One thing learnt:Never ask a question when you don't really want to hear an answer.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I wanna go to The Scarlet Hotel!
It was featured in the news and it was amazing...
here are a couple of pics that I managed to find...

33 Erskine Road.

The bed-room.

The Lobby..(i think.errr)

Charms wants to go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: P
*disclaimer*This is not a hint to anyone at all.(heheh)

I AM SO H.A.P.P.Y!!!!!!!!!
I AM DELIRIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I AM ESTACTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man.It was worth the wait.It was worth the distance.It was worth the trust.

What does one do when feelin' a little PMS-ish?
Take a jog?Read a book?Or maybe create a new a/c. Blogger is too limited and restrictive with their options.
Will notify once I manage to jazz up the other side.(that's if I bother too.Hahahha.Knowing me,I prolly just stick ard.I'm too sentimental for my own good.)

On another note,I've been watching my season 5 Gilmore Girls and The O.C. Season 2 till epd 8!Woot!I even manage to watch the behind the scenes epd. for The O.C.....Man.......So nice!

This auntie better come soon.I want to have a few days allowance to whinge around at home before gng downto the school again on Monday.
I hope I can get my project.Really want to start earning some moo-lahs! should I continue watchin my Desperate Housewives or watch some movies?traa laa laa...oooooooo the choices of a recent graduate!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Went to Ma Maison today. Very very nice place to eat,chill and relax.
Was there with Miss Teo,Shi Hao,Mark(came later).Jason was at JB and tried his best to rush down to meet us,but by the time he came,we got chased out of the place. Sorry dude. : p
Hope I'll get fotos of the food and drinks we had from Miss Teo soon,so I can post the pics up.

Funny incident at work today...or rather the lack of work.*shakes head* no observation for this whole week.Nonetheless,I was blessed with the company of friends that were hanging around town.Namely, Janz and Karen.Was suppose to meet up wif Mel. and Emm. as well but that stupid woman Mel. just doesn't hear her phone....

Just look unto You.Just You, just You.
Not by my own efforts, my thoughts of *wad's the right kind of faith to be able to recieve.*No.Its just You.Onto thy cross.All the PROMISES and BLESSINGS are already mine.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Remind me again to never drink coffee at night,no matter how *ice-blended* it is.
Utterly can't stand being so restless when I know I have to sleep. I'll kick my ownself tmrw(later tdy) for the lack of sleep....

Grant me some precious winks pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.............

I grant you peace,a peace that the world cannot understand.

Take me and hide me in the shelter of Your immense Love.